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The role of the Research Analytics unit is to collaborate with Office for Research (OR) administrative units and provide solutions for their data, analytics, and reporting needs. We also collaborate with other stakeholders within and outside of Northwestern and serve as the face of OR’s data and analytics expertise. We also provide graphics and visualization support, including web design.

Note that the Research Analytics unit is primarily intended to serve OR administrative units, with a focus on enterprise data rather than data generated as part of a research project. Click here for a list of resources available to the research community at Northwestern.

Analytics Consulting and Collaboration within Office for Research

Research Analytics is available to work with OR administrative units on data, analytics, and reporting needs at any stage of a project. Whether you are just starting out on a new project or would like to expand your existing efforts, we’re here to help! We can collaborate you to evaluate the types of data you have available, determine ways to collect presently unavailable data, strategize on how to best utilize data for decision making, develop resources to ensure simple and efficient reporting, and assist with any other questions or requests you may have.

  • Software Expertise
    The Research Analytics unit has experience in a variety of analytics tools and software, including Tableau (Desktop, Prep Builder, Server), Cognos BI, Smartsheet, and Qualtrics. We are constantly keeping up to date with new technologies and methodologies and can assist with any questions or ideas you may have.

  • Database Expertise
    Research Analytics has expertise working with data from a variety of enterprise-level administrative systems at Northwestern, including sponsored projects, financials, human resources, and facilities. We work with individual OR units to understand their unit-specific databases as well. Visit the Office for Research Metrics Dashboard to learn more about the types of data points we track.

    The unit is also home to Northwestern Scholars, the university’s research networking and profiling tool. Please contact us with questions about Scholars and how to access the data for reporting needs.

  • Visualization/Graphics and Web Support
    Contact Julie Cowan on the Research Analytics team for any graphical or design needs (both data related and non-data related). Julie also handles any requests or issues related to OR websites.

Requests and Collaboration External to the Office for Research

Research Analytics is happy to discuss any requests for OR data or potential collaborative analytics projects with units outside of the Office for Research. Please view our metrics dashboard to learn more about some of the types of data that OR tracks, and feel free to contact us with additional questions.

We are also very interested in networking with others working in similar areas at our peer institutions!