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Northwestern Scholars is a searchable database of profiles of Northwestern University faculty, containing information about their academic appointments, publications, grants, patents, and additional scholarly accomplishments and affiliations (e.g., with graduate programs). It spans all disciplines at Northwestern.

Profiles, including "scholarly fingerprints" with research concepts of each faculty member, are generated from a mining of publication text, abstracts, funding awards, project summaries, patents, and other sources. Northwestern Scholars allows you to see faculty research areas, and their collaborations with co-authors and co-investigators, research networks, and similarities of expertise with other faculty. Profiles of core facilities are also included.

Who is included?

The following people at Northwestern University are included:

  • All Tenured-Line Faculty
  • All Research Faculty
  • Instructional and Clinical Faculty (excludes Health System Clinicians or Coterminous Faculty)
  • All Emeritus Faculty who have ever been included in Northwestern Scholars
  • Contributed Services Faculty with active or past grants
  • Librarian Faculty identified by the library for inclusion
  • Institutional Collaborators
  • Select staff who have had grants with key roles and/or publications, determined on a case by case basis

For definitions of any of the groups above, please refer to the myHR Manual.

Comments from Users

Northwestern Scholars fills a huge gap for our undergraduate population. As coordinator of university-wide grant programs, I am approached regularly by students interested in getting involved in research. Two key stumbling blocks exist. First, they don't know who on the faculty deals with their topic, and second, they don't know the relevant literature associated with it. Northwestern Scholars has solved both issues. Now, I can meet with students and through Northwestern Scholars identify the core faculty they need to contact as well as sending them off with a big pile of articles printed from the site as well. There was no effective and efficient way to do this work previously. They had to search web sites (of which there are many) and/or do Google searches (with each one coming up with 200,000+hits). Students are fascinated by the ability to learn about their professors not just as teachers, but as researchers as well. Northwestern Scholars is a remarkable tool that has directly impacted my work in an incredibly positive way in a very short period of time.

Peter J. Civetta
Former Director, Undergraduate Research Office
Northwestern University

Wow, this thing is totally amazing! I'm excited for it to get fully up to speed (capturing more journals, etc.). It's a remarkable piece of software...

Eli Finkel
Professor, Psychology
Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
Northwestern University

What a great system!

Richard Joseph
Professor Emeritus, Political Science
Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
Northwestern University

Given I provided no direct input and you used secondary sources, this information was surprisingly accurate! Thanks!

David Cella
Professor and Chair, Medical Social Sciences
Feinberg School of Medicine
Northwestern University

We are eager to fully take advantage of NU Scholars in the service of our efforts to create this "NU Based early developmental science community". This seems like a great opportunity to build in this integration from the ground up!

Lauren S. Wakschlag
Professor, Medical Social Sciences
Feinberg School of Medicine

Northwestern University